7 Day

Sichuan Panda Tour

Sichuan has more than lovely giant pandas. Its eastern fertile plain and lofty mountainous region in the west give it the big name as “a land of abundance”. As a vital gateway to Tibet, Sichuan holds some of the finest natural wonders and cultural heritage in China. Chengdu is where you embark upon your journey. You will enjoy the adorable giant pandas, huge cliff-carved Leshan Buddha, sacred Buddhist Mt. Emei and Dujiangya irrigation system. The tour further to heavenly Jiuzhai Valley, Huanglong Valley, and Ruoergai Prairie, trek in Mt. Gongga and Daocheng Yading, etc. would be all explorers’ fantasy.


Start Chengdu

Finish Chengdu

Theme Culture immersion 

Ages Min5

Type Families group

Group size Min 10, Max 30



DAY 1: Chengdu Arrival

DAY 2: Chengdu - Emeishan

7:00am-11:00am Open ceremony and ice breaking games

11:30am-12:00pm Lunch

12:00pm -3:00pm Drive to the Leshan Giant Buddha.

3:30pm-6:30pm visit the Baoguo temple and be transferred to the hotel.

DAY 3: Emeishan - Shanglizhen

8:00am-11:30am visit the Mount Emei, a sacred Buddhist mountain of Samantabhadra.

11:30am-12:30pm Lunch

12:30pm-5:00pm Shangli

DAY 4: Shanglizhen - Chengdu

8:00am-11:30am drive to Bifengxia and its natural valley where pandas are protected. Stop by Mengdingshan to see tea fields.

12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch

1:30pm-5:30pm cooking class

6:00pm-10:30pm appreciate one of the most popular shows in China, the Sichuan Opera at Shufeng Yayun Theater. Stay focus on the actors to see them changing their faces (bianlian).

DAY 5: Chengdu Dujiangyan Irrigation System

8:00qm-4:00pm Drive to Dujiangyan Irrigation System

4:00pm-6:30pm Back Chengdu

DAY 6: Chengdu Sanxingdui Museum Taoism Qingyang Temple

8:00am-10:00am visit the exceptional Sanxingdui Museum.

10:00am-12:00pm stop by the sacred place of Taoism, Qingyang Temple, built where the legendary founder of Taoism would have appeared once.

2:00pm-5:30pm discover the seat of Zen Buddhism, Wenshu Temple.

6:00pm-9:00pm Close ceremony

DAY 7: Departure


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Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Airport pickup and drop off

Full-time Tour Director

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Culture immersion

Sichuan Opera

The Sichuan Opera costume and makeup experience in Shufengyayun teahouse on Qintai Road in Chengdu city gives you the chance to experience the opera life. The opera actors and actresses will do your makeup and then teach you how to act. You never know how much fun and laughter you will get from it!

Experience the culture of Taoism, learn Chinese Kongfu



Sanxingdui Museum 

Sanxingdui Museum shows the relics of a ruined city with a history of more than 3,000 years. Numerous exquisite objects of bronze ware, jade ware, stone ware, gold ware and other articles are unearthed from this site, which evident the highly developed civilization of the ancient Shu kingdom, and verify that Chinese culture as an entity came from diverse sources.

Wuhou Temple

Wuhou Temple (Memorial Temple of Marquis Wu) is dedicated to Zhuge Liang, the Marquis Wu (Wuhou) of the Kingdom of Shu in the Three Kingdoms Period (220–280).  Zhuge Liang was the personification of noble character and intelligence. Memorial architectures erected in many places after his death include a famous one in Chendu. Located in the south suburb of Chengdu, the temple covers 37,000 square meters (398,277 square feet). The date of its establishment is unclear, only that it was built next to the temple of Liu Bei, the emperor of Shu. It was combined with the Temple of Liu Bei at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty; consequently, the entrance plaque reads 'Zhaolie Temple of Han Dynasty' (Zhaolie is the posthumous title of Liu Bei). The current temple was rebuilt in 1672. Surrounded by old cypresses and classical red walls, it evokes nostalgia. 

Jinli Old Street

Visit the impressive and famous Jinli Old Street. Time will steal away as you quietly walk on the lively streets full of delicious local snacks, delicate artifacts, interesting folk shows, and other activities.  In the evening, watch a wonderful performance of Sichuan Opera which includes folk opera, face changing, fire spitting, rolling lights, and other delightful entertainment (usually performs at 20:00~21:30)

Du Fu Cottage 

Du Fu (712–770) Thatched Cottage used to be the home of Du Fu, one of the greatest poets in the Tang Dynasty. Located in the western suburbs of Chengdu, the spot is marked by a stream, ancient style architecture, pavilion pagodas and age -old trees.The cottage consists of six important parts, They are the Front Gate, the Lobby, the Hall of poem History, the Water Pavilion, the Gongbu Shrine and the Thatched Cottage.At the time of the Tang Dynasty, Du Fu's poetry first came to be recognized. Readers of many different periods have considered Du Fu to be the greatest poet of the Chinese tradition.

Kuan Zhai Lane 

In the old days, local Chengdu people lived there, but now it is a relaxing place for locals. There are many restaurants, bars, and places for playing cards or Mahjong. 


Dujiangyan Irrigation System 

Head to the Dujiangyan Irrigation System, which was an irrigation project built in 256BC. The system is still working to irrigate Chengdu plain and it’s the actual reason why Chengdu is called as the “Land of Abundance”. Visit the three main parts of Dujiangyan Irrigation System including Yuzui, Feishayan, Baopingkou, and be amazed by the wisdomof ancient Chinese.


Mount Qingcheng

Front Mount Qingcheng is the home of Taoism. The famous Taoist temples are all located in the Front Mountain.  Hike about half hour to Yuecheng Lake which lying quietly at the middle of the mountain, then take a five minute Buyun cable car up to the mountain. Then, walk to the mountain top and visit the historical Taoism temples along the way, including Shangqing Temple, Laojun Pavilion, enjoy the fresh air and stunning scenery in the mountain. 

Local Food

Sichuan hotpot 

Mapo Doufu 


Fuqi Feipian (Sliced Beef Tripe in Chili Oil With Peanuts) 

Chuanbei Liangfen (Mung Bean Jelly With Numbing-Hot Sauce) 

Dan Dan Mian (Wheat Noodles with Pork, Chili, Garlic, and Vinegar) 

Shuizhu Yu

Huigou Rou (Double-Cooked Pork Belly) 

Gongbao Jiding (Diced Chicken With Peanuts and Dried Chilies) 

Suanla Choushou (Wontons in Sour-Hot Sauce) 

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